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I admit it, I’m a dinosaur.  Part of me would love to say that I’m a lean, mean, Velociraptor – when the truth is, I’m a Brachiosaurus.


This is how I see myself – a keen eyed predator

Brachiosaurus for web

This is how I really am – a slow moving vegetarian that wouldn’t hurt a fly…

What I mean by all of this is that I am a dinosaur when it comes to technology! In fact, I’ve attempted to write this page 3 times and keep messing up and managing to delete stuff.

But, as my books are now all over the world (sitting here doing my happy dance), I’m always being asked about school visits and if I do them. I love visiting schools and meeting everyone. But as I live in England, it’s not always easy to pop over to the USA or other countries to do these events.


Recently, a very nice teacher from Clermont, Florida got in touch with me and asked if I would consider doing a SKYPE session with her students!

What a eureka moment! The lightbulb went on I thought this might be a wonderful opportunity to speak with groups of students and readers of my books from all around the world.

So if you are a teacher or librarian and would like to have me speak with your students, please, do get in touch via the contact page and perhaps we can set something up. Or if you are part of a school in the UK, again, please get in touch and I’ll see if I can do a visit.

Whether it be via SKYPE or face to face, my events are very interactive with lots of questions and more that a few laughs.

Bear in mind I’m still a newbie at this – SKYPIE thingy, and would never claim to be proficient. But I’m learning. And I’m learning not to be as intimidated by technology as I have been.  Though, I will NEVER have an IPhone or, tablet or any of those other new fangled things.  I’ll just sit here by my candle light, using my quill and ink well and relish memories of the past.

But I will SKYPE…

I have no limit to the size of the groups I speak to, and on occasion (most times), I dress for the occasion in a costume that represents one of the characters from my books. Often, there are other characters with me as well. “My Monsters…”

So feel free to get in touch…

Kate Tour 2012 - with students





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