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Never forgetting, Shadow of the Dragon

Posted on Sunday, July 4th, 2010

I have been so busy with the Pegasus books that I have been shamefully ignoring my first two books, Shadow of the Dragon 1, Kira and Shadow 2, Elspeth.

Now, I want to thank you all for writing to my website. I thoroughly enjoy hearing from each and every one of you. And I want to answer one of the biggest questions that I regularly get asked:

Will there be a Shadow of the Dragon 3? The answer is… wait for it… YES!

But, to be honest, this isn’t going to be like my other books. At this moment in time, my publisher doesn’t want to publish a third book in that series. They would rather I move on to the next stories.

But I’ve left so many questions unanswered. Did Lord Dorcon die at the bottom of the tower? Will Onnie be turned back into a man? What will happen with Elspeth and Kira? What about Dane and Shanks? And most of all, what happens to the dragons?

All of those questions will be answered. I promise.

What I intend to do is write book three, and then publish it privately for all of you who want to know what happens. I haven’t started writing it yet, as it is still simmering in that strange place in my head where all of my stories come from. But when it is ready it will burst forth and all the questions will be answered – and more!

I also promise to let you know when I start it, so you can join me on that journey as well. And if you like, you can write to the website and offer your own suggestions on what you would like to see happen. I can’t guarantee that I’ll use all the ideas, but we can have a lot of fun trying to put them all in!

So as always, watch this space!

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