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The Caterpillar and the Blackbird

The Picture book and the Sensational New Musical

         The Picture book

           Written by: Kate O’Hearn

          Illustrated by: R. Christopher

This fun and engaging story, told in rhyming couplets is a must for every home with young children. Perfect for parents to read before bed, or for new readers to enjoy on their own.

With 15 original, full colour illustrations.

                          The Caterpillar and the Blackbird

When an unhappy and strong willed caterpillar dreams of seeing the world and easting things that most caterpillars would never try – a chance encounter with a blackbird will make her dreams come true.

As they go on the adventure of a lifetime, the blackbird introduces the caterpillar to an assortment of animals; from a fox, a cow, from and hedgehog, to a troupe of mischievous squirrels – watched over by a wise old owl.

Each new encounter will teach the young caterpillar a valuable life lesson.

But the most important lesson of all is the value of true friendship. Together the caterpillar and the blackbird will form an unbreakable bond that will see her through wondrous metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly.


‘Caterpillar, Caterpillar, friends we shall be!

Off we will fly and together we’ll see,

A world full of wonders and sights to behold.

Where anything is possible – now it’s time to be bold!’


‘Here we go now – what a great treat!

Just what you want, something special to eat.

It’s called a fox, and they’re usually quite shy.

So approach her with caution, or soon you’ll see why.’



‘Caterpillar, Caterpillar this is a cow.

She’s big, black and white and here for you now.

Caterpillar, Caterpillar, people eat meat,

So just take a bite and see if she’s sweet.’



‘When the day is too hot and the sun is too bright,

I take to my wings and I fly to this site.

I drink form the water and talk to the frogs.

There’s one for you now, sat there on that log.’



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The Caterpillar and the Blackbird –  Live Theatre Production

Written by Kate O’Hearn

Choreographed and Directed by Tom Dwyer

Produced by NarraDance –

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