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When Pegasus flies!

Posted on Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Well, here we go, no more excuses. It’s time I joined the 21st century…. Let’s see. I’ve got the Website (thanks Chas, you’re a STAR) and now, I’ve finally got a BLOG!

So, welcome to my first Blog.

I decided to start this as there is a lot going on these days and I wanted to keep a record of all the exciting stuff – and to share it with you. I guess the very best thing is that I’ve just seen the cover to my next book, ‘Pegasus and the Flame’. It is so beautiful. As soon as I can work out how to upload it, I promise to publish it here.

I couldn’t be more thrilled if I tried. Oh, to have a stallion like that! Can’t you just imagine it? I guess that’s why I wrote this book. Actually when you think about it, all of my books so far have characters that can fly. Hmmm…. There seems to be a pattern here! And it doesn’t stop with these books. I’ve got more ideas in the pipeline for characters that can fly!

Right now, at this moment, I’ve just taken a much needed break. Today I’ve been working full out on the re-write of book 2 of the Pegasus series. There were some changes needed that my editor thinks will improve the book. So, I’m making them. One good point, I get to keep Cupid going. Yes!

I really like him. Apart from Pegasus, he’s my favourite character. And yes, before you ask, Cupid also has wings. I couldn’t resist them. It’s just so much fun trying to hide a large set of wings in a baggie sweatshirt and jam them down the back of a pair of jeans!

So it’s all go at the moment. I really should be outside enjoying the wonderful weather. The garden needs work, weeds need to be pulled, and veggies need to be planted. But where am I? In my dark cave playing with Pegasus.

As it stands, Pegs one comes out in February 2011. It still feels a long way away, but the year is going so fast, I could blink and it will be here!

So please join me on this wonderful journey and watch this space….

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