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Covid – a new dirty word

Posted on Sunday, February 20th, 2022

Covid.  Just five little letters put together to spell a word none of us knew until just a couple of short years ago. Now we know it all too well. It has taken control of our lives and completely changed how we all live and do things. It ruled everything!

For authors like me, Covid meant no touring, so getting to talk to readers and sharing our love of stories. And at times – no going out at all.

Most of you might think, well, with the lock down, you can spend more time writing. Technically, that was true – but for me anyway, I always need a clear head and calm mind to write and with that scourge Covid around, I was neither clear headed nor calm. I was worried about my friends, my family and you, my dear readers.  I guess if anything – Covid united us all in a strange way as we were all going through it equally.

But now the shroud is lifting and I can write again. And I have been!  I’ve got a new series on the go – Atlantis and I’m really excited about it! Book one is called “Escape From Atlantis” and it was released in December 2021 and I’ve just finished book 2, “Return to Atlantis”  which comes out later this year. And I’ve got the two covers to show you!

Aren’t they cool!  That’s Gideon on the cover of book 2, he is a very friendly gargoyle and one of my favorite characters…

Escape from Atlantis was kindly chosen by OwlCrate Jr. as their December book and then I had a wonderful interview with them and that was both fun but terrifying. I hope you check it out!

And also during this Covid mess, I’d added a new member to my family – I would like you to meet, BARRY. My baby Rottweiler.  He’s now almost 6 months old. Isn’t he adorable!  As I write this to you, he is behind me, chewing on his toy and making all kinds of strange puppy sounds. Barry joins my two other dogs, Greta and Pegs, (though we call her Pig these days) If you saw her, you’d understand why.

Sadly, during Covid, I lost two of my other dogs, (yes, I had 4). One got very sick very quickly and I lost him – he was only 6 and it broke my heart. His name was Chip and he was the sweetest giant dog I’ve ever had. And then I lost Sam to very old age. That’s why Barry joined my family.

There is lots more to report, but I’ll do that later. For now, I want to say that it’s great to be back in the world again, and writing.  And, with luck, I can start touring again soon and maybe we can finally meet!

Stay well my dear friends and I hope to see you all very soon!


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