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Nothing ever stays the same…

Posted on Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Since my last blog (2010 – YIKES, where has the time gone?) everything has changed. You might notice I have this wonderful new website! Thanks to Chas and…’the boys’, and I’m writing a new series of books, Valkyrie.

Not that I want to say goodbye to Pegasus. But until my publisher tells me to write book 5, Pegs will have to wait a bit. And he’s not a very patient stallion, let me tell you!

In the meantime, I’m racing to get Valkyrie 2 finished in time for my deadline, but it is going to be tight! (Please don’t tell my editor – she thinks everything is fine…). But there are just so many distractions!

I bet you’re the same. You plan to do something. You say to yourself, ‘Ok, this morning, I am going to get this done…’ and then something happens. The Queen comes for a visit or you win the lottery, or you have to jet off to Mars for peace talks with the Martians. You know simple things like that.

In this case, meet my new distraction – he’s called ‘Loki’


He’s a ten week old Rottweiler puppy that has just joined my family. And what a family it is!

Ok, I admit it. I love ANIMALS! Anyone who reads my books will know that. But this year, 3 of my beloved dogs, Ebony, Dutch and Scout died. They were German Shepherds. I lost Scout to cancer just last month. She was my baby, and only 6 years old. It tore me to pieces to say good bye to her…



Here is my girl, Scout at 6 weeks and then, 1 month before she died.

But I’m not a person who can live without pets. So when Ebony died in January – she chased a burglar off my property and was hit by a car – and Dutch got sick in February and I was told he wouldn’t be here long, I found these two adorable puppies. They are English Mastiffs, both sisters and aren’t they cute!


8 weeks old. Greta is on the left, and Pegs (short for Pegasus) is on the right.

So now, Ebony, Dutch and Scout have sadly gone and I miss them so much. But these three new members of my family really help with my grief.

Pegs and Greta are now 9 months old, and Loki, just 10 weeks, but they love each other to bits and love to play together. Even as I write this, Loki and Pegs are wrestling under my desk, making it very hard to type. Loki chews my ankles and pulls my shoe laces! Have you ever noticed just how sharp puppy teeth really are? They can be lethal!

Here they are in my back yard. This was taken yesterday, and as you can see, they love to play Tug – of – War with Greta as the rope.


Can you believe how big Pegs and Greta have grown! They are going to be giants, but gentler dogs you’ll never meet. They are both lap dogs and love to climb up and cuddle with me. Even though I can’t breathe when they are on me!

Take a look at these faces, how can you not love them…


So now, my family is complete again, and I’m trying to get my book finished. But it’s not easy with these guys wanting to play all the time and me being so easily distracted!

Losing pets who are important family members is devastating. But discovering new ones can be a joy beyond description. Our hearts have room for so much love, it never runs out.

Time passes –

The world turns –

Life goes on –

And if there is one lesson that we can all learn, it’s that nothing ever does stay the same!

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