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The Time Thief has struck again!

Posted on Saturday, August 27th, 2016

Where does time go? I mean, really? Where does it go? I travel through the days merrily doing my thing and BAM!  Another year – no wait – TWO years has passed since I last updated my website.


The next question is, what to tell you.  SO much has happened. I went to Hong Kong for literary festival and had an amazing time!  It is a different world over there – but love of fantasy united us. And you might notice that I took Pegasus, the Minotaur and Dirian (the Dark Searcher) with me as well.


Pegasus on the waterfront in Hong Kong


And here is our Pegs at the top of the Peak, overlooking Honk Kong, it was a long way down!


This was the view from our hotel! REALLY high and scary!


We had an appearance at the library and decided to take a look around. It was so surprising, no one seemed to notice…

There is also something that happened that had me and my friends in hysterics. We found this restaurant that had amazing food – but when we walked past it after it was closed for the night, we saw a rat in the window. Now most people would be grossed out. But not us. As I said, we laughed and yes, we did eat there again because they had excellent vegetarian food! If it’s good enough for rats, it’s certainly good enough for us.


Our friend, Ratty – if he ate there, so did we!

Then this past March we headed back to Hawaii!


An Olympian in Hawaii – Look! That’s the Diamond Head volcano behind me!

The last time we were there was to do research for Pegasus 5 which is set there. This time, it was for the launch!  I did book signings and saw schools which were amazing. But it was SOOOOOO HOTTTTTTT there!  But beautiful.

At the Honolulu Barnes & Noble, I met a lot of very 'Interesting' people here!

At the Honolulu Barnes & Noble, I met a lot of very ‘Interesting’ people here!

Here is Ipo, the event manager and good friend. We had such a laugh!

Here is Ipo, the event manager and good friend. We had such a laugh!

Meeting fans was lovely!

Meeting fans was lovely!

A visit to a school was also great fun!

A visit to a school was also great fun!


And lets see, while in Hawaii, I took some time to go whale watching – you all know how much I love whales!  But instead of finding a whale, I found a mermaid instead!

‘What? A mermaid you say’

Well, OK, she wasn’t a mermaid, but that’s what she looked like when I first saw her. The truth was, she was a woman who’d been washed out into the ocean and spent the night treading water.  I shouted out that there was someone in the water (Yes, I can be a bit loud at times) and the captain came. Then we threw a life ring to the woman. After that, the Coast Guard was called and she was rescued.


That’s the captain who came over when I shouted I saw someone in the water. I think she thought I was crazy at first.


She was waaaaay in the distance when I first saw her arms in the air waving to us. That’s when I shouted…


She was thrown the life ring – she also asked for a towel because she was naked!


Finally the Coast Guard came for her. The Captain wanted to bring her up onto our boat, but the Coast Guard said no…


After the rescue, I finally saw some whales! Right off of Diamond Head! I was playing with the colour on the photo so sorry if it looks strange…

Also, since last visiting this blog, I wrote Valkyrie 3 which is now out in the UK and is coming out in the USA later this year.  And, much to my heavy heart, I wrote the final Pegasus book.  We called it – Pegasus and the End of Olympus…. I tried to make this the biggest adventure yet! But only you can tell me if I succeeded.  I can tell you that it’s set in London this time. And to do research for the book, I managed to arrange a visit to the secret tunnels and hidden places under Charing Cross Station.  So some of those pics are here too.


Charing Cross Station – London. Can’t you just imagine Pegasus there!


This was deep beneath the station. In the very distance, you can see wooden stairs that are part of the book! (Pegasus has to get down them…)


I am sure it’s VERY haunted under there. Such strange feelings, and tunnels that lead to nowhere…. (insert scary music here)


This is the freight entrance to Charing Cross – hidden at the very back of the station. It is here that Pegasus, Emily and… da, da, dahhhhh! Cupid, break into the station.

So now that both Pegasus and Valkyrie series are finished, I found myself wondering what to do next.  So to avoid getting myself into trouble by not having enough to do, I have started a new series.  This one is about The PHOENIX!  I’m well into book one and having a blast!

There is more news to come, but I’ll let you know more about that, when I can. For now, and as always, I promise not to let years pass between updates!

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