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Welcome to my fantasy world on the Web. Once you enter these hallowed halls I hope you never want to leave. For hiding just around the next bend you may find any number of weird and wonderful creatures.

It is here that Pegasus soars wild and free among the clouds with Emily and Joel on his back and Paelen and Cupid close behind. Join them as they struggle to save both Olympus and our world from the Nirads and enemies of the Olympians.

Around another turn you will find a rare and special place. It is here that dragons abound as do the brave and spirited riders who love them. You may even get to meet a wizard -but don’t count on his spells to get you out of mischief. Paradon gets himself into more trouble with his magic than out of it. Of course, there is Onnie, a fox of some renown. But he has his own plans for you and none that I dare mention here.

Further on, just beyond your view, you will discover a very special family of endangered humpback whales and the even more endangered mermaids that fight to help protect them. Join me in the wild, raging seas and submerge yourself in a new world.

You will also meet a very special young lady. A girl of great power and strength, but who doesn’t want to be what she was born to be: A VALKYRIE!

But remember, whatever or whomever you discover along your journey, know that I have created them especially for you. I have tried to mix my love of fantasy with my love of writing – and these stories and books are the result.

So please, take your time. Be welcome, and enjoy yourself on your travels through the strange lands of my imagination. Oh, and if you have a moment, please visit the art gallery and take a look at some of the delightful illustrations that go with the books. These are by the artist, ‘Hearn’. (Yes, a relation, though I won’t tell you how)

Now, sit back. Relax. And prepare to enter another world!

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