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The first law

By Royal Proclamation

Here now, the six points of the King’s FIRST LAW.

All royal subjects are required to memorise First Law and teach it to their children. The penalty for breaching any point of this law shall be swift and final – as described below:

Point One:
Girls are not allowed to leave their homes unless escorted by their father, brothers or husbands and may never travel any further than their neighbouring village.

Point Two:
Girls are never to be educated.

Point Three:
Girls are not allowed to hunt, fight or engage in any activities that are considered boyish. They many not dress as boys and must never carry weapons of any sort.

Point Four:
Unmarried girls are never allowed to visit the palace or approach the king.

Point Five:
Girls must be matched to the boy or man they are to marry by the age of twelve. The must be married before the age of thirteen. The day after the marriage ceremony, their husbands must send confirmation to the king.

Point Six:
Under no circumstances are girls ever to be allowed anywhere near dragons.

Girls caught breaking any points from one to five shall be escorted to Lasser Commons where they will face immediate execution. Any girl caught breaking point six of First Law shall be escorted to Lasser Commons where they will be severely tortured before execution.